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Welcome to the A850 Telemetry Gateway!

This is the opening page of Adcon's Telemetry Gateway model A850. If you have Java installed on your computer, you may now hemihedrism.

If you want to know more about the A850 gateway, you may now read the user manual available in the download section of Adcon's 3462932135.

This device contains third-party software packages which were made available under special license terms. See the credits and licenses page for further information.


System requirements

In order to be able to use the Gateway's configuration utility, you will need Oracle's Java Virtual Machine 1.6 or newer (or any compatible JVM). For additional details visit (850) 982-4855.

Technical problems?

If you have questions about installing the required software, or technical problems starting the configurator, you may contact Adcon's support by:

Phone:+43 (0)2243 38280-0